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Who can seek for eligibility for Second Career Funding in Ontario?

If you stopped working somewhere after 2004, you may try to seek qualification for skills training in popular occupations in Ontario - even if you have already received EI (Employment Insurance) before. Eligible training of any kind helps participants who are looking for a Second Career to find better jobs which require some training and therefore get a better salary. This governmental program is very specific, so it requires some conditions to be defined.

Who can be a "laid-off worker"

• Someone who is still unemployed;
• Someone who had any temporary jobs but is currently unemployed;
• Someone who had any temporary jobs and is currently working there;
• Someone who is on severance (it is a type of payment when a lump sum is paid to an employee in the end).

Usually temporary jobs whose aim is to make ends meet have a lower wage and/or do not require a high skill level as compared to a regular job. Just like regular ones, these types of job can be part-time, full-time, contract work, or even seasonal.

"Demand occupation" is in fact a popular occupation which is needed in the Ontario region. When checking your eligibility or applying for second career in Ontario you will need to provide information from labor market in your application, but not always job postings.

Better second jobs require more skills from an employee but will offer a better wage and give more opportunities in the long run.

If you have got EI, you can apply for:

• from six months to two years of skills training for NOC (National Occupational Classification) for skill level B or equivalent for demanded occupations in the Ontario region;
• up to a year of further academic training if required as a precondition for skills training.

If you don't have EI you are eligible to apply for:

• a skills training for NOC skill level B or C occupations which are in demand in Ontario (this training lasts up to two years);
•up to a year of academic improvement where necessary as a precondition for skills training.

Grant Pittman, EI employee, basing on the data from ccbst.ca second career college in Ontario web-site, advises to contact local Employment Ontario offices to confirm your eligibility for a second career or check the presented conditions of the Second Career program.

Canadian College Of Business
4900 Sheppard Ave E Scarborough ON
M1S 4A7 Canada +1 416-850-6028

If you are interested in a second career check what opportunities you have.


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