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Best-Paying Jobs

Here and now we will look at a very interesting and "money" theme, in which you will learn about the most highly paid professions in the world. Many people are interested in this issue. This material is prepared specifically for such people who are interested in it.

1. A surgeon (about 181 thousand dollars a year).
A surgeon is an important profession. The minimum that you need to study to become a high level professional, is almost 10 years.
2. An anesthesiologist (162 thousand dollars per year)
An anesthesiologist is intended not only to immerse the patient in a dream during the surgary, but he also performs other important tasks. On the qualifications of the employee depends human life, so the profession is the second.
3. A Pilot (maximum salary 134 thousand dollars per year)
People who have chosen the profession of a pilot are, of course, brave and resolute. To control the airplane is not an easy task, which requires a true professional, capable in any emergency situation to make the right decision. And not everyone can cope with this.
4. Magento developer
People who have chosen this profession can earn from 20 thousand to 30 thousand dollars per year. The salary depends on the tasks which the developer performs. For example, Iksanika offers additional salary for web developers who work on this Magento module.

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