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Affordable Health Insurance for Small Business

Many Canadian small businesses tend to suffer in the market without attractive health insurance for their employees. This leads to a limited choice of dynamic employees to grow the business quickly to be competitive in the marketplace. When small companies understand this dilemma, they should adopt the best affordable health insurance for small business in the market to remain relevant.

Available Insurance Provider

Benecaid is one such service provider with raving comments from its clients on affordable health insurance for small business. Its Health Spending Accounts solution is a very attractive insurance plan for small companies without proper or attractive employee health benefits.

The Benecaid HSA plan offers consistency unless business owners want to upgrade their health benefits to reposition themselves in the marketplace. Plan renewals are subject to the request of the plan sponsor to enjoy a comprehensive renewal report that showcases the market's aggregate spending trends by category. This assists smart small business owners in deciding on plan renewals wisely.

It has been noted that over half a million Canadians are absent from work due to some form of illness. Benecaid offers a dynamic employee and family assistance program (EFAP) which reduce work absenteeism to promote higher worker productivity and performance that lower operational costs and boost higher income for the company.

The Benecaid EFAP insurance is an affordable health insurance for small business with the largest network of the highest quality in the market. There are over 3,000 qualified plan counsellors to assist in the choice of insurance plans which position small businesses aptly in the marketplace as an established industry player.

This unique Benecaid health insurance plan was awarded the coveted "Innovation of the Year" by EAEF in the year 2012. It offers immediate mobile support via a dynamic mobile app with online chat feature as a first in the industry. With its dynamic video counselling, over 350,000 cases of mental illnesses can be handled every year through 6,000 training sessions.

Recognized Partnerships

Benecaid synergizes with dynamic organizations to offer greater benefits on affordable health insurance for small business as employees are recognized as the company's greatest assets and driving force of the business. Hence, a solid partnership is established with Shepell.fgi to offer one of Canada's most comprehensive EFAP which small businesses can enjoy.

Benecaid also collaborates successfully with RSA Travel Insurance Inc. on travel coverage that covers healthcare for employees in small businesses on business travels. This dynamic travel coverage is available in Benecaid's flexStyle and flexFIT group insurance plans to ensure convenient access to travel insurance for employees and their dependents in their travels.

Affordable health insurance for small business by Benecaid is available in life insurance through a respected working relationship with Assumption Life/Unistar where this group life insurance offers comprehensive protection for small business employees and dependents.


With the wide range of dynamic affordable health insurance for small business by Benecaid, more small businesses are attracted to these plans that will attract greater potentials in the company's growth.

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Benecaid Health Benefit Solutions Inc
185 The West Mall #80, Etobicoke,
ON M9C 5L5 Canada (877) 797-7448


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